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Windsor, CA 95492
United States


Small fermented foods business start-up in Windsor, CA. Created by brothers Shaun Pestell and Kevin Pestell with a passion for food excellence.
We use seasonal produce from local farmers to handcraft small batches of the tastiest krauts and other fermented, raw, unfiltered, healing foods. 
No more bland salads, no more bland food, add flavor to your life, and add health to your life. 
Cirque du Ferments is built upon the foundation of local farmers, and a local conscious effort to eat well, be well, and feel well.

About Us

Who are we?



Why fermented foods?

Pro-biotics from wild yeast (lacto-bacillus) eating sugars in produce aid in digestion, kill stomach bugs, and create environments of increased health in the body. We seek to reverse the adverse effects of the Standard American Diet and all of the unecessary pharmaceutical prescriptions that come with it. We want to raise awareness of umami flavors which occur in great abundance in fermented foods, especially in kimchi. Fermented vegetables make any dish stand out, adding unique umami flavor.

Why goal-zero?

We have a goal of zero carbon footprint for the company because environmental devastation is rampant and increasingly becoming a bigger crisis each day. As a business based upon local farmer's produce it is our best interest, the customer's best interest, the farmer's best interest, and the planet's best interest to prevent further unnecessary harm and to promote health in the environment. We want to promote hand-crafted foods. We want to keep the connection between people and food and keep our focus away from the manfuctured-product mentality. We focus on cutting out all unnecessary waste, reuse, reduce, and recycle, while maintaining high-quality, clean, healthy foods. We have deposits on the glass jars and bottles to cut down our carbon footprint, waterproof reusable labels, all glass fermenting jars (no leaching of plastics or estrogenic compounds, we buy only U.S. made kitchen equipment, and return our compost scraps and boxes back to farmer's we purchase our produce from. We run a full circle minded business.